About Me

I live in San Francisco and have been officially in the jewelry making business since 2010.

My education and background is in art. I received my MFA in sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. Along the way I studied jewelry making with Arline Fisch. I am also a member of the American Craft Council.

My artwork outside of jewelry ranges from the very large to the minuscule. With my jewelry I am pleased and excited to create these little sculptures with semi-precious stones in an intimate scale just for you. I work in small batches and often make one of a kind but never more than three of a kind. Because the pieces are made by hand each piece is unique.

I love movement, color, visual balance, and texture. Through jewelry, not only can I play with all of these elements but I can share my joy with you.



If you are in San Francisco you can see my jewelry at:

Or you can contact me here by

emailing: alice@alicefinney.com

calling: 415-260-6953

or mailing:

Alice Finney

PO Box 192685

San Francisco, CA 94119